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✨ [ daiana. fem. hobbyist writer. ] ✨

❝ … we recognized immediately that we could so easily annihilate one another with the softest breath, the merest flicker. I could extinguish her, and she could burn me alive. ❞

― Catherynne M. Valente, Ink, Water, Milk

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Why do U guys read my half assed Stuff
holy shit u guys i passed 666 watchers
dazai osamu x f!reader.
warning: it's dazai, so there are light mentions of suicide/committing suicide.
it's nothing explicit though, so it's nothing to stress about.

“What about a Social Worker? Ah, wait, no – that’s not right… Maybe a Statistician? Oh! How about a Paralegal?”

Atsushi looks at Dazai with hopeful, gleaming, ruby eyes. Did he finally get it right? After weeks of inconsistent guessing, did he finally manage to guess Dazai’s previous occupation? You gaze your eyes towards your other colleague, quietly observing his actions from afar, before he stands up on his feet with that whimsical smile of his. Atsushi got neither of them right, but Dazai did say something about feeling flattered and honoured ( “I didn’t know that you saw me as that kind of person!” ).

Atsushi groaned inwardly and crossed his arms, pouting childishly to himself. Just what was his job? He needed that 700,000 yen!

Everyone else in the Agency had more or less given up trying to guess Dazai’s job beforehand. His personality was an enigma; a huge mystery that left people – including yourself – puzzled and confused, left with nothing but with very vague clues ( but it wasn’t enough to infer details about his personality ). You’ve never really understood Dazai, and as a result, you found it difficult to guess his previous job.

The fact that Dazai rarely spoke about himself and his past didn’t help very much either. Despite what Dazai may look like, he was actually more private and reserved than you had expected him to be – he kept a lot of things to himself and never talked so casually when it came to the topic of personal matters. For a short while, it made you wonder whether Dazai was a criminal. Or maybe he had some post traumatic experiences. That could definitely explain as to why he seemed so hesitant to talk about his life-story.

Dazai catches your [e/c] eyes lingering on his figure, and it takes you a while to notice this until you finally snapped yourself out from your thoughts. Quickly, you averted your eyes away from him and snapped your head to the side. For some reason, the wall was suddenly more entertaining to look at now. Did they paint the wall with a different colour recently? It looked nice.

“But really, Dazai-san,” Atushi continued to whine from the couch, the small frow still glued to his lips. “What was your job?”

“That’s for you to find out.” He hummed in reply.

One of Atsushi’s eyebrows twitched in vexation. It was no use – trying to figure out Dazai’s last occupation was no use, and he knew that he wasn’t getting that 700,000 yen soon. The white-haired boy sighed in exasperation and leaned back in his chair, suddenly feeling too tired. He didn’t want to guess anymore. Atsushi liked to consider himself as a somewhat decent observer, and thus wasn’t really bad when it came to judging people’s character, but Dazai – he was definitely something else. He was an unsolved puzzle.

“I’m going.”

Dazai turned his head to look at you and blinked, “Already?”

You stood up from your seat and grabbed for your purse. “I just wanted to see if Atsushi could guess it right,” You explained, a small smile crawling its way onto your plum [ choice of colour ] lips. “Clearly, that didn’t work out very well.”

Atushi whined in the background; something about loosing his chance to steal the 700,000 yen. Although, you weren’t quite sure – you weren’t really paying attention to him.

“I’ll walk you home!” Dazai quickly offered. Being the gentleman ( womanizer would be a more correct vocabulary to use, actually ) he was, he couldn’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass. Despite knowing well that you could take care of yourself just fine, Dazai wasn’t going to let this chance slide – a walk with you was something he’d always wanted, and now he finally had the shot to do it. A flirtatious smile was on his lips; charismatic and charming. “That is, of course, if you don’t mind.”

You wanted to refuse. You didn’t want to deal with Dazai’s useless attempt of trying to woo you, or more precisely, convincing you to do a double-suicide with him. But for some reason, you found yourself chuckling lightheartedly and accepting his generous request. Dazai, too, seemed to be quite surprised at your answer – he had expected you to reject his offer, like you’ve always had many times before. You were shocked at yourself too – you’ve consciously welcomed his invite. Perhaps, just perhaps, his flirting was finally taking a toll on you.

You snorted. Yeah, right.

Dazai opens the door for you, and bows respectfully as you head out first and then following you from behind, closing the door behind him and leaving poor Atsushi behind in the office. Dazai quickly walks over to you, matching his pace with yours, and a content smile washes in his lips – a feeling of satisfaction bubbling in his stomach. After dozen of times asking you, you’ve finally accepted his offer – he wasn’t sure what made you change your mind, but he definitely wasn’t going to complain about it.

“So,” Dazai begins, initiating a small conversation with you. He might as well make the best of this rare moment. “What do you think my previous job was, [Name]-chan?”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “I gave up guessing a long time ago.”

“It doesn’t hurt to keep guessing.” He adds, laughing.

You blink once, twice, and then thrice – something about Dazai Osamu was very… out of place today. You weren’t quite sure what it is, but you had a knowing feeling that the answer was right in front of your face, yet you still couldn’t place what the exact answer was. Not knowing something was something that you’ve never really liked.

You sighed, a sign of defeat, and decided that one or two guesses wouldn’t be so much of a problem, after all. If Dazai was here to accompany you, the least you could do was to humour him.

“Alright,” Your mind wandered off to various of jobs that you had listed on the back of your head. Since Dazai’s personality was a mystery to you, you couldn’t really make an overall assumption about his previous occupation, so you only opted for the only option that you had left on your sleeve: being reckless. Even though that the job was something very unexpected, something you never thought that he’d have, there was still a small percentage that he might have worked in one of those, odd, out of place, jobs.

“Actuary.” You finally answer. You then look back at him, only to find him whimsically smiling in your direction. It was wrong. “A lawyer then. You don’t seem like to do law, but you never know what other people are capable of before knowing them.”

He let out a dry laugh and shook his head again, “Not a lawyer either.”

You bit the bottom of your lip, your mind completely in deep thoat. Dazai, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the frustrated and confused look on your face – it was somewhat sweet, he thought, about how you were thinking so hard about it. You stopped your tracks for a moment and closed your eyes, thinking about all of the unpredictably possibilities that he might have had in his past. And then a thought settles in your head: you open your eyes, catching Dazai’s attention. Quietly, he wonders what kind of job you’ve guessed this time.

“Did you, by any chance, work with Port Mafia?”

The smile on his lips falters just by a fraction, but it doesn’t go unnoticed from you. Your heart stops beating for a moment – were you right? Out of all jobs out there in the world, working for – or with – Port Mafia was something you least expected Dazai to have. Then again, Dazai was a mystery; anyone barely knew anything about him. He was a walking enigma, and people have given up trying to solve his baffling pieces a long time ago.

You didn’t know what you should do: should you report him? Port Mafia, after all, was one of the biggest enemies that the Company sought out for. Not only that, but it was also one of the Company’s main threats. You looked back at Dazai, who seemed to be looking back at you with an indecipherable expression on his face. Out of all jobs, you hissed to yourself, out of all jobs he could’ve taken!

“Dazai.” You began, tone low and mellow. “Did you–”

“–Are you going to tell?” He cuts off. His voice sounds heavier now.

“So I was right.”

You look away for a short moment, trying to process in all of your thoughts. Dazai – he wasn’t a threat, he was a good person, despite his eccentric personality. Behind all that flirting, obnoxiousness, and freakishness, Dazai was a good person at heart, even if he rarely showed it. You don’t think that he would be abandoning the Company anytime soon; he seems awfully dutiful and loyal to leave his job. You turn to look back at him. You don’t know what to say, do, or think. You hated him for that. You really should have refused his offer.

“You… You have your reasons.” You threaded your sentence with careful words. “I don’t know what they are, but you must have had some kind of reason why you worked there. But that’s… all in the past.”

He gulps, his throat suddenly dry. He doesn’t know what to say.

“You’re here now, and the Company trusts you. I trust you.” Your voice seems a little bit forced now – you don’t even know why you’re bothering. “So, for your sake, I won’t say anything. You’re a good person, and I know that. And you won’t do anything to ruin the Agency – at least, I hope so. I hope you’re not stupid enough to do that.”

“I’m not,” he reassures, “I won’t do anything.”

“You better,” You spat, somewhat bitterly, and Dazai isn’t quite sure if it was from hatred, or whether your were playfully teasing. You sighed, energy drained from your body, and continue to make to your apartment. You stopped and turned around, realizing that Dazai wasn’t walking with you. “Are you going to walk me home or not?” You grumbled, resting a hand on your hip.

Snapped out of his thoughts, he slowly ( awkwardly ) walks up to you.


He looks up to you, blinking.

“You owe me that 700,000 yen.”
perchance. | dazai osamu
i fell asleep while writing this. took me, like, weeks to finish this cause i was busy being too lazy. i'm not really proud at how this turned out but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

inspired by this prompt from this blog.

icon credit.
“I would have left first, but I live here.”  //  Shisui Uchiha

You woke up to the sound of the birds chirping loudly outside of your window. A tired groan escapes your lips as you try to sit up from your bed until you felt an unexpected headache washing over you. You squint your eyes, carefully avoiding the sunlight rays that swept through your curtains. Your head still hurt. Just what did I do last night? You yawned tiredly as you then tried to rub the temples of your forehead in hopes of getting rid of the god-awful headache that you unfortunately woke up with.

As you were about to get up from your bed to get yourself a glass of water, you heard a quiet rustling of the sheets and your body tensed. I lived alone, you said to yourself. You had no cats, no dogs, no pets in general – your landlord has specifically said that he did not allow pets in his apartment complex. You were a Kunoichi too – you were constantly piled with missions assigned from the Hokage and thus was always busy with your own chores, leaving you no time to take care of any pets.

Oh, no.

Cautiously, you turned your head to your right to see a person laying down comfortably next to you. Your throat instantly went dry as soon as you saw the man. You tried to think of the possibilities of who this man might have been, but your headache deemed it difficult for you to do so. You only sighed in agitation, feeling rather hopeless of your current situation. You returned your gaze at the man who had his back in front of you. From what you could tell from your perspective, he had curly black hair – wavy and messy; pointing in all sorts of directions – and was rather toned and muscular, judging from his well-defined back-muscles. At least he’s good-looking.

He’s naked, you thought to yourself quietly, let’s just hope that he has his underwear on.

Without any much resistance, you grabbed the man’s shoulder and started to shake him awake. “Hey,” You grumbled, too tired and too lazy to handle your current predicament. You shouldn’t be doing this, you thought to yourself angrily. You should’ve been taking a long rest after all those missions you’ve managed to complete. You shouldn’t be waking up a nameless man lying next to you. You shouldn’t have been awake on the first place! What you needed right now was a full’s week of relaxation and this was definitely not the way you wanted it to start.

Your brows quirked in an irritated manner once the man did not do anything to respond to you. “Hey,” You repeated, this time louder. “Get up. I don’t know who you are, but you need to get out of here.”

The man, much to your delight, finally replies but it’s not quite the reply that you were hoping to hear.

He grumbles out of annoyance and pulls the blanket sheets closer to him, “A few more minutes, babe...”

You only scoffed in response. The nerve of this man!

But before you could have done anything else to wake him up, the man (who you were going to call ‘Mystery Man’ from now on until he would properly introduce himself to you) suddenly jolted out from his slumber, catching you by surprise. He looked just as confused as you were, except he was less flustered – in fact, by the looks of his face, he didn’t even seem to be shy by one bit.

The two of you stare at each other awkwardly, unsure of what to do. For some weird and unknown reason, you had suddenly lost your voice of speech – something that was quite uncharacteristic of you. By now, you would have made some witty remark, a sarcastic comment, anything. But this man had rendered you speechless. And you didn’t know what to do.

Mystery Man, on the other hand, was too lost of what to say or do. From the moment his gaze connected with yours, his throat went dry and was unexpectedly lost at words. He wasn’t really sure why. It could’ve been his head. His head was throbbing and hurting like crazy. Or maybe it was your raw beauty that got him tongue-tied.

Though not looking quite the best this morning, he still thought that you were beautiful.

Despite your tousled [h/c] hair and your unwashed face, despite the fact that you felt tired and disgusting from last night, despite the eye-bags that were forming underneath your eyes, he still thought that you were still pretty. It was your lips that had got him the most, though. Your plum, full, kissable lips – and he was quite proud to say that he was the one to place his lips on yours last night. Privately, he wondered if it were okay to kiss you again.

You snapped your fingers in front of him, catching him off-guard. Had he really been staring at you for that long? He sees you in front of him, your expressions ranging from fatigue and agitation. He laughed quietly to himself after seeing the look on your face – you had reminded him of a certain friend of his.

“Look, can you leave?” Your voice was low, but firm. “I would have left first, but I sorta live here.

You weren’t mad. Well, at least you weren’t raging with fury or anything. Shisui allowed a smile to break into his lips, making you quirk an eyebrow at him questioningly. “Sorry, sweetheart.” He said, scratching the back of his head nervously. You rolled your eyes and got out of your bed grudingly, ignoring the throbbing pain occurring in your head and mumbling something along the lines of ‘water’ and ‘shitty hangovers’ before disappearing to your kitchen.

Shisui, too, quickly got out of bed – thankfully, he already had his underwear on – and scurried around your bedroom to find his remaining clothes and putting them back on. He looks around to find a piece of paper and something to write with and scribbles a little note and then placing it on your bed before quietly tiptoeing to your exit door. He makes sure to take one last look of your apartment, a small playful smirk playing on his lips, before finally taking his leave and closing the door quietly behind him and going away.

You come back to your bedroom to find the Mystery Man gone. You weren’t sure whether you were thankful or not. You gazed at the two glasses of water you were holding and only let out a tired sigh. If he wanted to leave, then the least he could have done is tell you before doing so. You took the time and effort to grab a glass of water for him!

You set the other glass of water down on the table near you while drinking the other one. Once you were finished, you crawled back to your bed, finally glad that you finally had some alone time for yourself. As you were about to fall back asleep, you felt a piece of paper beneath you and curiously, you grabbed for it and flattened out the wrinkled paper before reading through it.

I had fun last night. Let’s do it again some other time. (;

- Shisui.

You snorted and crumpled the paper.

Well, at least you finally knew his name.


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